12 News Services That Help Sustainability Champions Stay Credible

Once sustainability champions take on the challenge of engaging others in environmental or social initiatives, they inevitably become viewed as “experts.” That’s the blessing and curse of any leader. It’s a tough label to live up to as you are faced with questions and challenges to your proposals. Fortunately, there are excellent online news services that help sustainability champions stay current and credible.

As outlined in The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook, people expect sustainability champions to be trustworthy and to know what they are talking about—to be credible in three ways. Read more

7 Reasons Why Sustainability Is Not a Fad

“Are we getting close to the tipping point, when a critical mass of companies embraces sustainability?” I frequently hear that hopeful question. I used to optimistically estimate that we were three to five years away from that magic tipping point. I underestimated the power of those with vested interests in the status quo. But we are getting closer, despite the current global economic recession.
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