12 Trillion Reasons To Be A More Sustainable Company

(This blog was originally posted on the Sustainable Brands website.) The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define a world that promises a flourishing future for human civilization on spaceship Earth. Some companies already embrace the SDGs as their aspirational environmental and social goals. Other companies hesitate, in case attaining some or all the goals’ 169 associated targets by 2030 would be at the expense of company success. There are 12 trillion reasons why their hesitation is unjustified.  Read More

3 Signs that the Sustainability Stars are Aligning

We can capitalize on sustainability stars aligning.

Things are looking up. When we are heads-down slogging away on a specific sustainability project or issue, we need to pause occasionally and recalibrate how it's all going. I did that recently. It felt refreshingly hopeful. There are 3 signs that the sustainability stars are aligning – that there is a higher readiness for required profound changes than ever before. Read More