• In May 217, Bob launched his sixth book, Sustainability ROI Workbook, at Sustainable Brands 2017 in Detroit.  This SB article is an excellent summary of the half-day workshop that he did there on why and how to use the new, free, open-source tool to frame a compelling business case for sustainability initiatives.
  • In October 2016, Bob did a half-hour podcast interview for The Civil Engineering Podcast (TCEP). The interview covered definitions of sustainability, the business case for companies doing more on sustainability than they already are, and the need for us all to be better at articulating that business case effectively.
  • In March 2016, Bob visited the Calgary to do talks at events for University of Calgary faculty and students, at a business luncheon, to the City of Calgary staff, and for local NGO groups.  He did a UToday interview at the end of his visit in which he reflects on how Calgary is well-positioned to lead the transition to a green economy. That interview was also published in a Q&A interview format.
  • In January 2016, Bob did a keynote address at the annual Sustainability Summit for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). In conjunction with that event, he did a short 6:44 minute video interview. The interview covers the business case, the five-stage sustainability journey business case, where most companies are today and why, and how Civil Engineers can contribute to a sustainable society.
  • In September 2015, Bob did a webinar with TNS Canada: “How Can Your Business Be Future Fit?”  The one-hour webinar recording provides a good overview of the who, what, why, how, and when of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.
  • In July 2014, Alexandre Magnin (Sustainability Illustrated) released a brilliant animated video on the Business Case for Sustainability. It is also available in French.The video generously acknowledges my contribution to this topic throughout, so it feels like a virtual interview. In just 4.5 minutes, the video covers a topic that usually takes me 45 minutes to deliver in a typical presentation. That’s a 10 productivity factor and the clever graphics make the message wonderfully memorable. I especially like the one about injecting sustainability into company DNA. Beautiful!
  • An interview in June 2014 by The Green Up Girl for the Greener by Choice Podcast. It’s a show that spotlights green movement leaders that are making a difference around the world. I got to share my story, why I’m so passionate about sustainability and what steps I’m taking to help make a difference in the world.
  • An interview in June 2013 by Bart King for Sustainable Brands. It explores the need for better metrics to capture the true value of ESG efforts. The interview links to a 14-minute video of Bob’s plenary presentation on “Enabling the Renaissance: The Perfect Storm in True Cost Accounting” at Sustainable Brands 2013. It is also linked to by Bob’s June 2013 blog, “It’s Time We Measured What Matters.”
  • A creatively segmented audio interview with Adam Hammes, Principal of Ecofluence, in March 2013, entitled “Bob Willard: How You Can Be a “Sustainability Champion.” In it, Bob gives the story behind each of his books, and suggests how to use them to be a more effective sustainability champion.
  • A short interview with Bullfrog Power in December 2013 about what started Bob on his own sustainability journey, and his suggested first steps that other individuals and businesses should take on their journeys.
  • An interview with Lucy La Grassa for First Carbon in September, 2012. Entitled “The Business Case for Sustainable Companies: The Perfect Storm,” it summarizes the findings in The New Sustainability Advantage and how Bob got there.
  • A synopsis of a talk at the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) on June 20, 2012. It was a “TED talk” length presentation given as part of the Toronto book launch of The New Sustainability Advantage at the TSSS event. The column summarizes its key messages.
  • An article in CMA Magazine about a keynote talk given to CMA Ontario’s Big Ideas Conference in December 2011. The journalist added material from a subsequent interview when she wrote the article.
  • An interview with GreenBlue published on May 14, 2012, about progress on sustainability, The New Sustainability Advantage, and why its associated resources are free and open source.
  • A 16-minute talk at Ryerson University’s “Sustainability Thought-Leaders Symposium” on April 10, 2012. Overlooking the minor production and technology glitches, the segment between 22:21 and 38:59 is a typical talk about the new business case that is quantified in The New Sustainability Advantage.
  • A 4-minute interview with 3BL Media, made in March 2012 at the Ethical Sourcing Forum in New York City. It covers the revenue contribution to the business case, and how important stakeholders drive sustainability momentum in the corporate sector.
  • A 59-minute interview with Luke Callahan on selling sustainability, made in July 2011 for Luke’s GroAction web site.
  • Three 2-minute videos done in May 2011 for the Globe and Mail’s “Leading Thinkers” web site:
    Does saving the world mean learning jargon? is about the importance of language when engaging business leaders on sustainability.
    Does white hair help create corporate change? is about why the messenger’s credibility matters when talking to businesses.
    The business case for doing good is about the seven benefits that companies can reap by using sustainability strategies.
  • A 3-minute interview with RBC in March 2010 about the business case for sustainability and how to lead the greening your business. It is accompanied by a two-page article based on the interview.
  • A 3-part interview with 360 Energy’s Sustainability Series in November 2009.
    Part 1 (4:54 min): Benefits of sustainability and common hurdles faced by organizations.
    Part 2 (4:13 min): Bottom-line benefits of sustainability and typical starting points for organizations.
    Part 3 (4:35 min): Renewable energy and how organizations can utilize this resource to improve their sustainability.
  • Interview with Randall Craig on ProfessionallySpeakingTV.com in November 2009. The interview is about an hour long, including the ads, and covers how Bob became an author and speaker on sustainability, his views on current sustainability challenges, and how he attempts to walk the talk on sustainability.
  • In October 2009, Bob did a presentation on the  business case for sustainability for a Partners in Project Green (PPG) gala event near the Pearson Airport in Toronto. The slides in the video are in the old format but 80% of the content of the presentation is still relevant.